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Minecraft: Jack the Crafter - Ch1 Page 2
Wow! It's been forever! Sorry for being away for so long with this comic! ^^;  
I finally got back into the comic, even though I lost the entire file at one point and had to start over.. 

The introduction isn't very exciting. but just you guys wait. ;) 

Previous page:…

Next page:  Coming soon! (Sooner than last time, don't worry :heart: )

© Minecraft belongs to Mojang

© Steve and Alex belong to Mojang

© Jack the crafter belongs to :iconsuperanina: 
Wanted to continue working on that next Jack the crafter page, and this pop-up showed up;
The file is gone, there's no recovery option. I'm honestly devastated. Hours wasted.. :( 
(For those who can't click the link, it says the file is damaged.)

Journal History

Heyy everyone! It's been a while. 
I haven't updated my journal in aaages, so I thought it'd be about time to let 
ya'll know how things have been. 

Yes, youtube. 
A bunch of you probably know by now that I have a youtube channel.
This channel consists of mostly MLP based content containing my OC Star Fall
as my avatar. I have a lot of fun working on the videos I make, even though
it's truly hard to get to, especially with college work constantly biting my ankle. 
Recently the channel hit 13k subscribers, which I still can't believe honestly.. ^^; 
Heck, I've even done a stream and had the opportunity to have a chat with some of my 'fans'! 
Fans.. wow, never thought I'd have those.. *sheds a tear of joy* 

Recently I've found myself mostly enjoying MLP based art. 
You probably noticed though, due to my latest uploads being nothing 
but colorful cartoon horses. :la: 
Drawing doesn't take me that much time, and is a great way to relax my
mind after a day of school and homework. 
I'm currently attempting a little comic on my main OC Star Fall. :) 

Ah yes, school.. 
College is definitely testing me right now, it's a big bunch of stress..
I'm currently in the last quarter of the school year, which is the shortest, but still
has the same amount of homework, making it extra stressful. 
There'll be days I get home at 5 or 6 PM.. it sure blows. :( 
Most of my friends even have jobs around school, which would probably
be a spoon too much for me to handle.. 
This thought has led me to think about doing commissions..
These commissions would probably be ponies, though I have no idea how much to
charge or how well i'd manage, so I'm still not sure.  

I'm currently at school with quite a headache attempting to do some math.. heh. 
Also do any of you play Rocket League? I've been addicted to that game lately. :la: 
And oh, I hope to save up for a new tablet, my current one is still a Wacom Bamboo 
and is slowly giving up on it's tablet life. :( 

Have a great day ya'll!
Buh-baii! :heart:

★ My Twitter:
★ My Youtube:…


superAnina's Profile Picture
Hello world! i'm :iconletter-aplz: :iconpink-nplz: :iconaqua-iplz: :iconstencilnplz: :iconrainbow-aplz: :headbang:

Favourite shows that you should totally check out!
1. My little pony - Friendship is magic (Been watching since 2011)
2. Gravity Falls
3. Fullmetal alchemist - Brotherhood
4. Steven Universe
5. Kill la kill
6. Star VS the forces of evil
8. Toradora!
9. Miraculous ladybug

Favourite games!
- Minecraft
- Mario & Luigi RPGs
- Legend of Zelda - Breath of the wild
- Mario kart 7/8
- Mario 64
- Rocket League

Favourite food!
- Ben & Jerry's ice cream
- Spaghetti bolognese
- Pizza BBQ Chicken / Salami
- Subway Steakhouse on white with BBQ Sauce
- Caramel fudge and chocolate
- Marshmallows

People I know in real life: :iconragingsimon: :iconhesseltjeb: :iconaqmery: :icondosala1: :iconyaepie: :#1:

People I worship: :iconnintendrawer: :iconsupercaterina: :iconkilalaaa: :iconcentchi: :iconlopoddity: :blowkiss:

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