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1 year and counting by superAnina
1 year and counting
" We're so different, yet such a perfect fit. "

Today is my 1 year anniversary with my lovely boyfriend Henry. 
Of course, I can't let a day like that pass without a drawing! :heart: 
I'm just so happy we already made it this far, and I hope there's much more yet
to come. :) 

Thanks for bearing with me. 
Flowey the flower by superAnina
Flowey the flower
" Howdy! It's me, Flowey the flower! " 

Happy (late) anniversary to a historical game, Undertale! :w00t: 
This game truly is amazing, so I decided to show it some love by drawing my favourite character, Flowey! 

Hope ya'll like it! 

(©) Flowey the flower belongs to Toby Fox 
★ Hey! I have a Twitter now! ★
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► ;

Journal History

★ Heyhellohowyadoing!  ★

Wow. I haven't made a new journal in AGES! :o 
So, I've decided to make a little update. :) 

First of all, thanks for all the new watchers! Love yall so much <3 :heart: 

Second, School's almost over! Summer break tiiime~ !  :blowkiss: 
And you know what that means.. yes yes.. more drawing time! :D
But then there's the question, what am I going to draw..? 

I decided to put together a little list of things I'll be doing. 
Note that this is a random list and is not sorted on things like date or priority. :) 
Oh and of course this aren't the only things I'll be drawing. These are just ideas of what 
I really want to draw. :la: 

► Jack the Crafter comic (Takes a lot of time!!) ^^; 

Fan art of mario characters. I really want to get into drawing characters from
games such as, Super paper mario and the mario RPG series. Haven't tried it before. :) 

Human anatomy practice / Humanoid characters I really want to practice drawing
more humanoid characters. They're anything but easy and take a lot of my time. But I really want
to get atleast the hang of the basics. I'll most likely draw characters from my past Minecraft Roleplay experience. 
prepare 4 edge  

Ponies! just ponies. ..never gets old. 

There will probably be a lot more ideas as my vacation moves by, but I guess you'll just have to see what 
I'll upload to find out what those are. :3 

That's it for today. 

Bai bai! 
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superAnina's Profile Picture
Hello world! i'm :iconletter-aplz: :iconpink-nplz: :iconaqua-iplz: :iconstencilnplz: :iconrainbow-aplz: :headbang:

So yeah! Name's Anina. I'm a 16 year old female that lives in the Netherlands, a small place in Europe known for ehm.. cheese and wooden shoes. :boogie:
I stand at a height of 177 centimeters or about 5'8 feet. (dutch people are known to be the tallest, lolz) :la:

I have studied one year of 'game artist' (3D modelling in both ZBrush and Maya as well as some drawing stuff) but decided to quit after realising it wasn't really my thing. ^^;
Though, the year wasn't wasted! because at that very study I met my lovely titan boyfriend Henry, who's been able to bare with me for over 7 months now. (bio posted on the first of may 2016) :heart: (oh and he's a titan cuz he's 195 centimeters or 6'3 feet tall, which again isn't special for the Netherlands, tho some of my American friends don't even believe it) :o

Favourite color: PINK!

Favourite food: Pizza, spaghetti and subway! (As in.. the sandwiches. Not the travel thing.)

Favourite shows: My little pony friendship is magic, Gravity falls, Steven universe.

Favourite anime: Kill la kill, Full metal alchemist.

Favourite animals: Ferrets and Cats! :la: (I also love Corgis, the dog type, but I don't really like dogs overall)

Favourite games: MIENKRAFT, Mario 64, Mario kart (won't name them all, just mario kart.), Mario PARTEHH, Portal 2, Mario bros, Mario and luigi partners in time + bowser inside story, Mario galaxy 1 and 2.

Favourite toys: me liek ze bubble liquid.. very very much bubble liquid.. .. BUBBLES

best pony: Pinkie pie! :heart:

You can wake me up for: Hugs. :hug:

Drawing software: Photoshop CS6 (And I just downloaded Paint tool SAI~)

Drawing tools: Wacom bamboo tablet (I need a new one..)

People I know in real life: :iconragingsimon: :iconhesseltjeb: :iconaqmery: :icondosala1: :iconyaepie: :#1:

Good friends on DA: :iconjk-kino: :iconthepinkmarioprincess: :highfive:

People I worship: :iconnintendrawer: :iconsupercaterina: :iconkilala97: :iconcentchi: :iconlopoddity: :blowkiss:

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