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Let's battle!
Trying out another style! 
A while ago I was doodling my friend as a pokemon trainer for the lols, and ended up working it out completely to try
out the style that's used in the Nintendo Pokemon series. And welp, this happened.  
I guess I made a gift by accident? :XD:  

Oh well. Hope you guys enjoy! :la: 
Gift: YoinK
Wew! another gift. This time for someone I don't even really know. :XD: 
YoinK is a rather well known Smash player, said to be one of the best from Sweden to be exact. 
He's a friend of one of my friends, and I was looking for something to draw, so eh, why not?  

Hope he likes it! :la: 

Journal History

1. Who was the last person you held hands with?
Boyfriend o.o

2. Are you outgoing or shy?
I wouldn't say I'm shy, but I don't go out much either.

3. Who are you looking forward to seeing?
My boyfriend this christmas! Haven't seen him in 2 months.

4. Are you easy to get along with?
I guess? I'm pretty friendly to most people, though I tend to get a little
involved with people and put down my opinion too fast. xD

5. If you were drunk would the person you like take care of you?
Boyfriend I guess. But I don't really get drunk. :x

6. What kind of people are you attracted to?
Cute dorks. x3 >:D

7. Do you think you’ll be in a relationship two months from now?
I mean I am in one right now.

8. Who from the opposite gender is on your mind?
Boyfriend :heart: _ :heart: 

9. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?
Nah. Depends on who as well obviously.

10. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
I feel like the answer 'boyfriend' is coming up a bit often. ;-;

11. What does the most recent text that you sent say?
" And that same day I'm getting a haircut xD "

12. Do you sleep with your doors open or closed?
Closed, there's a spooky dark hallway behind it. Fuk that ;-;

13. Do you like it when people play with your hair?
Yasss. As long as i trust them obviously.

14. Do you believe in luck and miracles?

15. What good thing happened this summer?
Eh.. eh? ..vacation on the island Terschelling I guess?

16. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
Yas. :heart:

17. Do you think there is life on other planets?
Yas! I definitely don't think we're alone.

18. Do you still talk to your first crush?

19. Do you like bubble baths?
Yas. :3

20. Do you like your neighbors?
Yeh! they're neat.

21. What are you bad habits?
Eating a shitton of candy or chocolate, also putting my opinion down
too fast.

22. Where would you like to travel?
England :heart: , America, Japan and France.

3. Do you have trust issues?

Not really.

24. Favorite part of your daily routine?
Drawing, gaming and talking to people over skype and stuff.

25. What part of your body are you most uncomfortable with?
Eh? Idk tbh.

26. What do you do when you wake up?
Sit in my bed for 10 more minutes thinking about how tired i am.

27. Do you wish your skin was lighter or darker?
I'm pale as fuk, but I don't mind.

28. Who are you most comfortable around?
Boyfriend and friends.

29. Have any of your ex’s told you they regret breaking up?

30. Do you ever want to get married?

31. If your hair long enough for a pony tail?
Yeah, it is.

32. Do you believe in ghosts?
I actually believe my house is haunted. Halp.

33. Spell your name with your chin.
an jkn sa (I tried)

34. Do you play sports? What sports?
Nope. Too lazy tbh. I did do acting class for 8 years tho.

35. Would you rather live without TV or music?
Without Tv, ew.

36. Have you ever liked someone and never told them?
Not really.

37. What do you say during awkward silences?
Not much, I'm awful at breaking silences.

38. Describe your dream girl/guy?
Fun with good manners, serious when needed, has sympathy and can handly my crazyness. x)

39. What are your favorite stores to shop in?
Game Mania, Steam (does that count?) and a candy store.

40. What’s your favourite quote?
" The problem isn't the problem, it's your attitude on the problem. "

41. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
Eh.. really depends tbh.

42. If your being extremely quiet what does it mean?
Means I'm concentrated.

43. Do you smile at strangers?
I try to, yeah.

44. Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?
*portal 2 voice* SPACE! 

45. What makes you get out of bed in the morning?
Eh. I just want to do well in school and shit Idk tbh.

46. What are you paranoid about?
Getting into fights.

47. Have you ever been high?

48. Have you ever been drunk?
Nope, never.

49. Have you done anything recently that you hope nobody finds out about?
Not really, no.

50. What was the colour of the last hoodie you wore?

51. Ever wished you were someone else?
When I was little I wanted to be Super Anina. Lmao.

52. One thing you wish you could change about yourself?
I want to be a better speaker.

53. Favourite makeup brand?
I don't wear make-up.

54. Favourite store?

55. Favourite blog?
Don't have one.

56. Favourite colour?

57. Favourite food?
Pizza, Milkshakes, sweets, spaghetti (Omg clo I didn't have to edit this one. Neato.)

58. Last thing you ate?
A Quarter pounder from McDonalds. They were only €1,50 today!!

59. First thing you ate this morning?
Eh.. a sandwich.

60. Ever won a competition? For what?
Drawing competition and acting competition.

61. Been suspended/expelled? For what?

62. Been arrested? For what?

63. Ever been in love?

64. Tell us the story of your first kiss?
It was pretty awkward tbh, not gonna say more. :')

65. Are you hungry right now?
Just had a burger, so no.

66. Mars or Snickers?

67. Facebook or Twitter?

68. Twitter or Tumblr?

69. Are you watching tv right now?
No, I don't watch TV at all.

70. Was today a good day?
Eh.. school.

71. Craving something? What?
To see my boyfriend again. It's been forever.

72. What colour are your towels?
Blue and white. 

72. How many pillows do you sleep with?

73. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
Yep, one being a bunny I never want to get rid of.

74. How many stuffed animals do you think you have?
I counted them before.. like.. 40? idk.

75. Favourite animal?
Not a clue to be honest. I like cats and dogs I guess.

76. What colour is your underwear?
Different colors, Pink, red, blue, you name it. :P

77. Chocolate or Vanilla?

78. Favourite ice cream flavour?
Vanilla and Caramel. Yasss :heart:

79. What colour shirt are you wearing?
Pretty bland today, grey.

80. What colour pants?
Light blue jeans.

81. Favourite tv show?
My little pony ;3;

82. Favourite movie?
Disney movies. I really can't pick one.

83. Mean Girls or Mean Girls 2?
Never watched them. ;-;

84. Mean Girls or 21 Jump Street?
Haven't watched either.

85. Favourite character from Mean Girls?

86. Favourite character from Finding Nemo?
The turtles. yas.

87. First person you talked to today?

88. Last person you talked to today?
Some person from a store that called

89. Name a person you hate?
I don't easily hate people, don't hate anyone at this moment either.

90. Name a person you love?
My friend Ilse has done a lot for me, my boyfriend obviously, and my family.

91. Is there anyone you want to punch in the face right now?
To be honest, yeah :')

92. In a fight with someone?
Had a bit of a fight yesterday.

93. How many sweatpants do you have?
Two. Comfy as hell.

94. How many sweaters/hoodies do you have?

95. Tea or Coffee?
Tea! fuk coffee.

96. Favourite actress?
Euhhh.. Andrea Libman.

97. Favourite actor?
Charles martinet. :D

98. Do you tan a lot?
Never, i'm white as fuck and only get sunburns.

99. Have any pets?
Two guinea pigs, Coco and Gill.

100. How are you feeling?
Dissapointed, but also very happy.

101. Do you type fast?

102. Do you regret anything from your past?
Eh, I guess so.

103. Can you spell well?
Depends on the language.

104. Do you miss anyone from your past?
Yes, I miss some people.

105. Dark, milk or white chocolate?
Milk. Though I don't mind white.

106. Ever broken someone’s heart?
Yep. Guess shit happens.

107. Have you ever been on a horse?
Yep, scared the shit out of me, especially when a sound scared it and it started
running omg.

108. What should you be doing?

109. Is something irritating you right now?

110. Have you ever liked someone so much it hurt?
I mean, if you mean liking someone so much you
care too much which gets stressful and hurts, yeh.

111. Are you a vegetarian?
Nope, can't live without meat tbh.

112. Who was the last person you cried in front of?
My family I guess?

113. What was your childhood nickname?
I was just Anina, no nicknames ;3;

114. Have you ever been out of your province/state?
Hell yea

115. Do you play Wii?
Wii U and Wii. 

116. Are you listening to music right now?
Music from the Hamilton musical :3

117. Do you like chicken noodle soup?

118. Do you like Chinese food?

119. Favourite book?
'De grijze jager' or 'Ranger's apprentice' 

120. Are you afraid of the dark?
Yeah, no fun.

121. Are you mean?
Sometimes I turn into a bit of a biatch yeah

122. Is cheating ever okay?
The fuk is that for a question? what?

123. Favourite month?
December and July, can't pick ;-;

124. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Not really, you like someone for who they are.

125. Do you believe in true love?

126. Night or Day?

127. What makes you happy?
Caramel, pink, company, laughing and drawing.

128. Would you change your name?
I love my name.

129. What your zodiac sign?
Cancer. ._.

130. Do you like subway?

131. Summer or Winter?
Summer! though it doesn't get very hot here..

132. Brunette or Blonde?
Both are great

133. Curly or Straight hair?
A bit of both, mostly straight

134. Can you count to one million?
Eh.. I rather not.

135. How tall are you?
5'8 or 177 cm. Dutch people aren't usually tiny, infact I'm one of the tiniest around. o.o

Questions stolen from ThePinkMarioPrincess ! Wew! :la:
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superAnina's Profile Picture
Hello world! i'm :iconletter-aplz: :iconpink-nplz: :iconaqua-iplz: :iconstencilnplz: :iconrainbow-aplz: :headbang:

Favourite color: PINK!

Favourite food: Pizza, spaghetti and subway! (As in.. the sandwiches. Not the travel thing.)

Favourite shows: My little pony friendship is magic, Gravity falls, Steven universe.

Favourite anime: Kill la kill, Full metal alchemist.

Favourite animals: Ferrets and Cats! :la: (I also love Corgis, the dog type, but I don't really like dogs overall)

Favourite games: MIENKRAFT, Mario 64, Mario kart (won't name them all, just mario kart.), Mario PARTEHH, Portal 2, Mario bros, Mario and luigi partners in time + bowser inside story, Mario galaxy 1 and 2.

You can wake me up for: Hugs. :hug:

Drawing software: Photoshop CS6 (And I just downloaded Paint tool SAI~)

Drawing tools: Wacom bamboo tablet (I need a new one..)

People I know in real life: :iconragingsimon: :iconhesseltjeb: :iconaqmery: :icondosala1: :iconyaepie: :#1:

People I worship: :iconnintendrawer: :iconsupercaterina: :iconkilalaaa: :iconcentchi: :iconlopoddity: :blowkiss:

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